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    Why grass fed beef, and is all grass fed beef the same?  


        OK, lets deal with this question in two parts.  First, the why.  Grass fed beef has a better balance of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids than grain fed beef.  The fat  content that it has is more comparable to wild game      than that of traditional beef,  and grass fed beef is a lot lower in saturated fat which makes it much healthier!  


       Now, for the more important part of that question.  NO!!  it is not all the same.  A lot of people are selling  "grass fed, grain finished" beef and marketing it as  grass fed beef.  Once a cow consumes any grains all the health benefits go away!!  You might as well be buying beef right from the feed yard.  When you introduce grains to a ruminant animal you are changing the internal  chemistry of that cow.  There is no "Safe time" to feed  grain.  


       The next part is "breed of cow".  Some people are    raising longhorn cattle and selling them as grass fed beef.  Long horn cows are a very low cut of meat.  It is very lean, but also very tough and when it does have  any fat on it the result is quite greasy.     


       The only way to know for sure what you are getting, is  to get to know who you are buying your beef from.  At Green Country Meats we invite all of our customers to come down,  and meet us in person and see the practices that we have in place to ensure that you are only getting the best hormone free, antibiotic free, and gmo free Grass fed beef.


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